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Community and Social Activities

Are You The Chosen One?

The Chosen Ones is a non-profit community platform founded by Lina’s and Dina’s Nutrition Consultants Company to create memorable social experiences centered around the idea of Self Development, Health, Wellness, and Sports. It is a unique program that offers its subscribers the opportunity to “feel good” physically and spiritually, by combining sports with a healthy lifestyle and mentality.


Members will experience a socially constructed program, revolving around the idea of sharing and engagement between each other. To facilitate this experience, all members will get access to educational seminars delivered by various experts in different fields of health and wellness, a weekly exercise program delivered by top notch trainers to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle, or improve your athletic performance. In addition to discussion group sessions and Personal Development Coaching.

A Story

Everyone is the hero of their own story, super powered default. We paint our lives with the challenges we jump into, and are inspired by the interaction and engagement with those around us, of those we allowed to be part of our lives. It is by our choice, we have lost some and gained a lot of wisdom along the way. We reached this stage, this phase at this page looking for an opportunity to engage and explore with a soul intent that we are chosen. Chosen to lead our inner ego, master it, and inspire not just those around us, but the whole world by six degrees of separation. 

“If each one of us realizes their responsibility towards ones’ self, and towards the world, then live by it, only then will there be change ”.



  • To provide guidance and support to those who need it, to influence change in their lives.
  • To aid athletes in improving their athletic performance and providing sponsorship opportunities.
  • To gather the contributions of the masses to help those in need in poor and underdeveloped countries by providing proper food distribution, shelter, and education.
  • To develop the idea of ‘The Chosen Ones’ in the heart of the upcoming generation.
  • To positively link Lina’s & Dina’s image to that of influencers of positive change in the community.

How to take part?

Click on the button below and fill in your information. We will stay in touch and promise to keep you updated on all our activities.

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